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About Us

Quality Energy’s mission is to help our clients consume less energy, pay less for energy, and ensure reliable, high quality power for all critical operations. Quality Energy is an experienced Energy Service Provider (ESP) providing mechanical, electrical and energy conservation solutions to improve the performance and efficiency of your operations.

Quality Energy has all the resources needed to successfully plan and execute a comprehensive energy solutions program that will create real, sustained economic benefit. We deliver across North America and internationally with regional execution resources. We will work with you on single-site projects or corporate-wide initiatives. From consultation and planning, through construction and ongoing operations, we can manage it all.

Why choose a partnership with Quality Energy?

Immediately reduce your ongoing electrical expense

- Receive a guarantee of savings on energy conservation projects
- Achieve self funding energy conservation improvements
- Improve the reliability and performance of your equipment
- Reduce maintenance and associated downtime costs
- Increase productivity and the efficiency of your business
- Maximize product quality
- Improve working conditions and guest comfort
- Reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
- Increase profits

What Kind of Services does Quality Energy Provide?

- Energy Risk Management
- Energy Procurement
- District Heating and Cooling
- Energy Consumption Reduction
- Financing
- Installation
- Measurement and Verification of Energy Consumption and
  Efficiency Measures
- New Energy Supply
- Operations and Maintenance
- Power Quality Assurance
- Water and Sewage Management

What Kind of Products does Quality Energy Provide?

- Air Distribution
- Boilers
- Chillers
- Cogeneration
- Control Systems
- Distributed Generation Technologies
- Distribution Transformers
- Energy Management Systems
- HVAC Products and Services
- Lighting Controls
- Lighting and Electronic Ballasts
- Measurement and Monitoring
- Motors
- Power Monitoring
- Power Quality Products
- Recycling
- Reflectors
- Software Services
- Thermal Storage Systems
- Variable Speed Drives
- Water Conservation Programs

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Energy Issues Facing Customers Today

How can I economically reduce my energy costs?

How can I better manage my facility energy usage?

Are my equipment assets being managed properly?

How can I select the best design for my electrical system?

How can I protect my facility from power problems?

How can I improve productivity by better power management?

How can I gain more capacity out of my current electrical system?

How can my building become LEED certified?

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