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Our Expertise

Quality Energy is a highly qualified team, with experience in the commercial, industrial and utility market places. This experience covers the entire breadth of electrical services included but not limited to:

- Plant Wide Electric Cost Reduction
- Power Quality Assessment
- Power Quality Improvement
- A/C and Refrigeration Energy Efficiencies
- Power Distribution Systems
- Co-generation
- Emergency / Backup Generating Systems
- Design & Build Solutions
- Boiler Systems Efficiencies
- Compressed Air Systems Efficiencies
- Lighting Systems Efficiencies
- Enterprise Energy Management Systems
- Facility Energy Management Systems
- Rate & Tariff Analysis
- Power Factor Correction
- Automatic Demand Side Management Systems

Quality Energy is a full service energy partner offering:

Our team has delivered engineered solutions ranging from large industrial manufacturing operations to small commercial buildings worldwide for nearly two decades.

We offer one of the most experienced teams of professional engineers, project managers, certified energy managers and financing experts in the energy services industry. We identify energy cost-savings potentials and document, through in-depth engineering analysis, specific areas to be addressed and savings to be realized. We deliver objective, turnkey solutions tailored to meet your needs using the right application of technologies.

Quality Energy is a full service energy partner offering:

- Energy conservation products and techniques for reductions in   monthly energy costs.
- Elimination and mitigation of power quality issues providing a   reduction in maintenance and repair costs.
- Installing high-efficiency equipment and upgrading existing   systems.
- Real-time internet based remote monitoring of facilities electric   usage and power quality.
- Power Quality Analysis
- Energy usage data collection, analysis, and interpretation.
- Power quality correction and downtime prevention.
- Building Management Control Systems
- Enterprise Energy Management Software Solutions
- Immediate savings through utility bill and rate analysis, error   correction and bill payment services.
- Procurement of economical supplies of electricity and natural   gas.
- Developing and engineering customer-specific energy plans
- Distributed or backup generation
- Distribution system upgrades to accommodate growing power   loads, secure lower power rates and improve power – quality and   reliability.
- Project Savings Measurement and Verification
- Renewable energy solutions consisting of photovoltaic, wind and   methane recovery systems.

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