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Our Approach - Getting Started

Quality Energy’s Unique Approach to Electrical Efficiency

Quality Energy offers a time-proven system for gaining electrical savings which is focused around a set of industry accepted best practices for system maintenance and power conditioning. Whatever the size or complexity of your operations, Quality Energy’s step-by-step program will identify the many opportunities available for implementing cost saving improvements. A Quality Energy system is a unique package of a variety of electrical products and contracting services that will decrease your electrical costs and pay for it from the resulting savings. Additionally, your business will benefit from decreased secondary costs to maintenance, repair, and replacement of your electrical equipment. Our experience and conservative approach allows us to provide a guarantee on every project we design and implement.

7 Steps to Savings:

The Quality Energy Path to Electrical Savings is our step-by-step approach to project management. Developed and based on over two decades of client services experience. This set of procedures permits us to move forward with all the data we require for our work, to be able to provide solid information for our client’s decision making process, and to never have a client at risk. This ‘path’ is the blueprint for action that will be guiding your Quality Energy system representative through his relationship with you.

1. Initial contact: We fully explain our program.
2. We perform a walk through inspection of your facility.
3. We contract with you to perform an Assessment and Project     Design.
4. We perform the needed onsite and offsite testing and work.
5. We prepare and present a Project Proposal to you.
6. We completely manage the entire project installation.
7. We perform Savings Verification of your Quality Energy System.

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Walk Through Inspection

Onsite and Offsite Testing
Entire Project Installation
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