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Renewable Energy

From cogeneration to wind and solar power, Quality Energy provides renewable energy solutions that allow organizations to capitalize on the most current energy technologies. We couple innovative financing arrangements with the latest clean sources of power to provide highly affordable and practical green solutions for current energy needs. Our experienced, customer-focused team ensures successful and timely completion of all renewable energy projects.

Many large energy users today are choosing "green" and sustainable energy options. Quality Energy works in partnership with customers and communities to explore, nurture, and develop environmentally friendly solutions through renewable energy technologies. Customers benefit from a reliable source of power that offers protection from volatile energy markets. Contact Quality Energy today to see how your organization can benefit from a Quality Energy renewable energy project.

Photovoltaic Energy (Solar)

Many decision makers in business, industry and government are beginning to understand the far reaching environmental and financial benefits of becoming a green power company. The sun’s photons strike a large portion of the earth’s surface 365 days per year. If properly harnessed, this energy can be transferred to produce an abundant supply of clean power for society. The most efficient way to offset the rising cost of fossil-fuel based power from public utilities is by converting your roofing liability into an energy producing asset.

Wind Energy

Wind turbine generators have become a significant contributor to power generation throughout the world. As a result, utility regulations for wind turbines have become more constrained, and now require stable voltage, reactive energy supply to the network and voltage control to support network failures. Quality Energy has technology that is specifically engineered for the wind energy market, and features communication protocols that match its controller to the algorithms of leading wind turbine manufacturers worldwide.


Universally recognized as the most efficient method of producing electricity, waste heat from the generation of electricity is captured and utilized for another system. These systems include Boilers, Domestic Hot Water, Absorption Chillers and Steam Turbines for combined cycle generation. Quality Energy has successfully installed and maintained cogeneration systems, and is continually developing new energy savings strategies for customers using innovative approaches.

One way to learn if your state has special tax or other incentives for commercial energy efficiency projects is to visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE).

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Wind Energy

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