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Demand Shaving

Improve Facility Load Factor & Reduce Demand

Every facility has its unique energy consumption profile, so there are a myriad of solutions to reduce peak demand. Once Quality Energy understands the key factors that are affecting the energy bill, steps can be taken to target and reduce or shift those high-energy users.

How to Address Demand and Save

There are many effective strategies for reducing peak demand in nearly every type of commercial and industrial facility. Quality Energy will become familiar with your facility's load profile, and determine which facets of your operation are causing the peaks in the demand curve.

Quality Energy will improve the efficiency of the motors, chillers, and other process equipment that is contributing to the high-energy use. We may also consult to approach the situation by changing the operating practices of your facility and workforce, and this can sometimes be done with minimal capital investments. Interestingly, this can also be accomplished without having a significant effect on production.

The key issue is to, first understand your load profile, and then to become familiar with the different operating strategies that can be employed to cut demand. Here are some specific recommendations that may help you to get started:

- Establish the Facility's Load Profile
- Motor Sequencing
- Soft Starts & Reduced Voltage Motor Starters
- A Quality Energy - Energy Management System (EMS)
- Water pumping
- Variable Speed Drives
- Compressed Air
- Energy Storage Systems for chilled water, tower water, and ice   production
- Scheduling
- Welding Options
- Backup Generators
- Battery Charging Options

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Load Control

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