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Lighting Systems

Lighting upgrades are more complex than “plug & play” improvements. A lighting retrofit offers an excellent return on investment and is one of the most easily verifiable paybacks of any energy saving improvement you can make to your facility. However, you do not start earning the savings until you make the improvements.

Quality Energy specializes in lighting system retrofits designed to reduce your overall energy consumption. Our staff of lighting professionals will audit your facility and then make recommendations for the appropriate lighting products. Our goal is to leave your facility better lit, more modern, and more energy efficient than it was when we arrived.

We provide complete installation service for all products and systems and ensure reliability and accountability for the entire project. When evaluating your facility for lighting improvements, we provide services that allow you to make an informed decision.

Quality Energy lighting projects result in maximum performance, improved efficiency, and informed customers about the importance of good lighting.

What Quality Energy will do for you?

- Evaluate and inspect the current lighting systems
- Examine end-use loads and distribution systems
- Measure lighting levels throughout the facility
- Analyze your specific lighting needs
- Design a lighting plan that fits your location and budget
- Retrofit
- Relighting
- Redesign
- Make recommendations for improvements
- Evaluation of project costs
- Evaluation of energy impacts
- Set up a leasing plan that includes installation and maintenance   of the system
- Turnkey lighting installations (material, labor, project   management)
- Shared Savings Options and Financing

We believe lighting quality is one of the most important factors in the overall comfort and efficiency of any space. Therefore, we use only the best products and professional installers to ensure proper results. We keep complete flexibility among product suppliers so that we can best meet your company's quality needs at your company's budget.

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