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Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) and Services

Quality Energy’s Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) solutions help you save 5% to 10% of your annual energy costs. With an enterprise-wide energy dashboard, you can speed up your decision-making and better manage your energy procurement, control energy usage and minimize downtime.

1) What level of system monitoring and control is needed?
2) What analysis is to be performed (allocation, power quality,     usage reduction, etc.)?
3) What are the desired system comparison and forecasting     capabilities?

Quality Energy will help you:

- Manage Energy Procurement
- Control Energy Usage
- Minimize Downtime

An EEM delivers the real-time monitoring, communications, and control technology necessary to make improvements a reality. Major blackouts illustrate how much we depend on electricity to support a stable, diverse, and growing economy.

It also highlights the need for energy consumers and suppliers to manage risk before major disruptions happen. They must be prepared to diagnose power problems and control energy usage, and a cost-effective approach is the use of Quality Energy’s enterprise energy management (EEM) systems. These networks of distributed "smart meters" and Internet-ready software instantly deliver information from all parts of the electrical system and respond to changing demands for energy. Businesses still face considerable challenges: an evolving regulatory environment, uncertain growth in demand, scarcity of land and limitations in geography, and new emission control standards. All these factors make any improvements to generation and transmission capacity more complex. While EEM is not a panacea, it delivers the real-time monitoring, communications, and control technology necessary to make these improvements a reality.

Volatility in prices for power and gas is a growing concern. By hedging this exposure, you can gain budget stability and predictability. Quality Energy offers hedging strategies that integrate fixed price, basis, and swing exposure mitigation. Hedge transactions are executed at the best market prices. Among the tasks we perform are:

- Analysis of energy risk
- Development of projected budgets and potential exposure
- Identification of risk mitigation options
- Development of appropriate position that balances risk tolerance   with costs of mitigation

Diagnosis and Prevention EEM software and "smart meters" add vital information and control on both the supply and demand sides of the energy infrastructure. EEM systems continuously track sequences of events, report data immediately across public or private data networks, and manage loads in step with changing energy needs.

In emergency situations, with these intelligent meters acting as "black boxes" at generators, substations, service entrances, and feeders, plus enterprise-wide software correlating events, energy system operators can trace exactly what happened, when, and where. Using this audit trail of system events, they can quickly verify performance and identify remedial steps that will prevent problems from recurring. In addition, with the modular nature of Quality Energy EEM components, they are able to cost-effectively add more monitoring and control where necessary at any point in the electrical system. When a utility outage occurs unexpectedly, a large energy user may need the automatic load preservation capabilities of an EEM system to keep their most critical systems operating. An EEM system from Quality Energy continuously monitors loads and utility feeds. By keeping an up-to-date account of conditions at the instance of the outage, the system can make decisions about which loads to shut off based on shifting priorities and the availability of generation.

Fundamentally, energy is a business-critical commodity that must be managed in real time to reduce exposure to financial risk and ensure economic stability. Quality Energy’s Power Measurement EEM systems and our unique power quality mitigation systems which provide power quality improvements serve this purpose and reduce risk by managing the cost, quality, and reliability of energy.

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