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Plant Rehabilitation

Quality Energy can replace aging assets at no capital cost including retrofit measures that reduce annual energy consumption and/or cost and deliver higher useful output per unit of energy. Our comprehensive energy solutions range from boiler and chiller replacements to major expansions or new construction. Phased modernization plans are designed to maintain the required delivery capacity at all times during the facility upgrade. In a commercial building, savings might range from 4 to 35%. In an industrial facility, savings from an individual process or sub-process can produce a similar range of savings.

Plant Rehabilitation, modifying, or rehabilitating existing facilities to accommodate changing or anticipated needs is a specialty of Quality Energy’s. Our engineering and architectural services often result in significant savings when facilities can be effectively modified or renovated instead of costly new construction. Designs include numerous rehabilitation projects ranging from localized equipment or system replacement to major undertakings requiring significant demolition, system design and resultant construction.

Areas of Expertise

- Electrical power distribution
- Water and steam distribution
- Cooling towers
- Central Chillers and boilers
- HVAC supply and exhaust systems
- Generation
- Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
- On-site construction support

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Plant Rehabilitation

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