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Energy Acquisition

The Concept of Deregulation

The concept of deregulation and the restructuring of an industry are not new. Competition drives it, and in recent years we have seen the airline and telecommunications industries that have dealt with such restructuring and the impact of deregulation in recent years. Each is now fully entrenched in the competitive market place.

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Turning Complexity into Opportunity

At the outset, energy deregulation and utility restructuring spark a unique opportunity for you to evaluate your energy usage and energy expenditures. This means you may already have the choice to buy your electricity from a number of electric suppliers and have the freedom to achieve lower costs. Competition within the natural gas and electric industries, with all the new enterprises in the retail market scurrying for your business, will impact your commodity purchase price—and help to reduce it.

While buying electricity in a competitive energy market is more complex. Keep in mind, however, that in order to maximize your overall energy savings, you need to know how you use energy, how much power your enterprise uses, where it is used and when it is used (hourly, daily, monthly or annually) and you must review all of the components that affect the total cost of energy at your facility. Quality Energy can help you implement a strategic, comprehensive energy solution designed to conserve energy and utilize it more efficiently; ultimately helping you save money, increase cash-flow and improve profitability.

Let Quality Energy Show You the Way

Quality Energy will work through the complexities and show you the benefit for your enterprise by cutting your electricity costs. Many large-scale energy users recognize the value that an energy partner like Quality Energy can bring to the entire energy management picture. We can help you develop a well-documented view of your organization's energy history and its future requirements which should increase your ability to negotiate and enhance savings. In addition, we will help you develop an integrated energy strategy, which not only includes identifying the best energy suppliers, but also recommendations on energy efficiency solutions as well.

Quality Energy can work as your energy partner in the following ways:

  • Develop a View of Your Energy History and Needs
  • Provide Energy Risk Assessment
  • Provide Demand Response Services

Other Considerations when Evaluating Retail
Electricity Suppliers

  • How can you shape your load profile to minimize costs?
  • What are other alternatives to improve my facilities' energy efficiency?
  • Retrofit equipment (e.g. HVAC, lighting)
  • Maintenance practices on major equipment
  • Can I control the load when feasible

Quality Energy is an Energy Service Provider and we have partnered with several of the Nation’s leading energy supplies, and have access regional energy supplies. For specific information about electric deregulation, updates concerning individual states, and/or status of legislation, visit the Department of Energy website and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission website.

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Have you considered?

- Energy Management Systems (EMS)

- Enterprise Energy
Management (EEM)

- Demand Side Management

- Generation – Backup & On-Site

- Renewable Energy (Biomass, Landfill Gas, Wind)

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