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Power Quality & Reliability

We believe there is a need for energy consumers and suppliers to manage risk before major disruptions happen. Have you ever experienced a power outage or power quality related down time? What is your cost for down time, production restart, spoilage, lost opportunity?

Major blackouts like the one in North America on August 14, 2003 illustrate how much we depend on electricity to support a stable, diverse, and growing economy. These unplanned events can cost millions of dollars an hour in lost production and customer transactions.

24 hours a day unexpected voltage sags, swells, transients, or harmonics can causes momentary disturbances and can be especially troublesome when trying to diagnosis the unexpected process shutdowns, lost or corrupted data, and random equipment breakdowns. At much less the cost potential of failure, Quality Energy can monitor these conditions, as well as incoming utility feeds, to help trace the real source of disturbances, alert personnel to potential failures, and point to the right remedies.

For mission-critical businesses such as data centers, call centers, and semiconductor fabrication plants, there is huge financial risk related to unexpected disruptions to the energy infrastructure. These enterprises require nearly 100% “uptime” to guarantee the integrity of their products or services, but the power grid typically delivers only 99.9% uptime or “three nines” of power, the equivalent of eight hours of outages per year. Quality Energy can work with your team to develop a path to implement safety nets in order to maintain continuous levels of power through:

- Power mitigation equipment
- Uninterruptible power supplies
- Standby generators
- Flywheels
- Static transfer switches
- Enterprise Energy Management (EEM)

Our Power Quality and Reliability Solutions deliver very effective results for customers experiencing and customers trying to mitigate risk and downtime, transformer meltdowns, expensive motor repair costs, power factor penalties and ever escalating electric bills.

Please contact Quality Energy today to see how your operation can improve power quality and system reliability.

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