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Generation Systems

A successful electric power solution is so much more than just an engine and generator — it is the entire related infrastructure including controls, monitoring, switchgear, uninterruptible power supplies, automatic transfer switches, and the expertise to design, construct, manage and maintain it once it’s up and running.

When you choose Quality Energy Supplied Generator for your electric power needs, you know you have the power of total support — support that includes a diverse range of quality products backed by technical expertise and full service solutions.

As an electric power solutions leader, Quality Energy offers a broad range of products, including a complete line of generator sets for prime, standby, and distributed generation; containerized power modules; environmentally compatible gas-fueled systems; heat recovery solutions.

Generator Control Scenarios

There are three main applications of generator control through an EEM system. They are:

- Demand control
- Backup supply
- Price response

For companies that own generators, a Quality Energy enterprise energy management (EEM) system can provide two advantages:

1) Generator Monitoring
2) Generator Control

The Benefits of a Quality Energy System

A Quality Energy system offers significant advantages for companies who have or who want to introduce generator monitoring and control systems. Traditional systems tend to rely primarily on PLC's to regulate equipment with simple on/off set points. Our system introduces intelligent data-gathering into the process, and by monitoring multiple parameters throughout the generation equipment, ensures that operators only run their generators when truly cost-effective. Whether implementing a simple islanded load system or a highly complex co-generation IPP arrangement, an energy management system will provide the information you need through intelligent monitoring and control of every element of your generator system.

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Island Generator
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Parallel Generator
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