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Predictive Motor Maintenance

Monitor the health and performance of your rotating machinery continuously and remotely, using the Internet.

24/7 Remote Access to Critical Data:

Quality Energy offers a 24/7, continuous, online web-based condition and performance monitoring solution for electric motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes, mill stands and other rotating equipment. Critical data collected can be viewed from anywhere using your web browser and an Internet connection.

Quality Energy has taken the 'big picture' approach to monitoring - not only do we measure multiple points of vibration across each drive-train, but we also measure bearing temperatures, motor currents, motor speed and process inputs (like pressure, flow, voltage and temperature). Viewed together, all these metrics provide powerful insight into the behavior of your machinery under various running conditions.

Proactive Alarming:

What happens now when your equipment begins to show signs of distress? Quality Energy’s Motornostix will automatically notify your staff via text message (mobile phone or email) when an alarm limit is exceeded. Notifications not responded to are escalated and managed through our 24x7 Response Center.

No Capital Expenditure Required:

Since Quality Energy’s Motornostix is offered on a rental contract, no capital expenditure is required. Even better, you can evaluate the system on a short-term rental at very low risk and cost.

Global Data Correlation and Comparison:

Our web-based software contains many advanced features for health and performance analysis, including the ability to graphically compare and cross-correlate all measured data even across sites. Now you can use your web browser to view data collected from sites anywhere in the world!

Daily Performance Reports:

Quality Energy also offers Daily Performance Reports to provide you with key productivity indicators like run-time hours, equipment utilization, idle time and output. These valuable metrics can be used to calculate ROI and give daily shift performance figures.

The benefits of Quality Energy’s Predictive Motor Maintenance:

- Improvement in plant reliability
- Reduction in annual repair bills
- Use of reliable predictive maintenance management tools

Diagnostic indicators measured:

- Vibration and temperature at each bearing
- Motor current (all 3 phases)
- Motor speed
- Motor stray flux
- System process variables (e.g. pressure, flow and displacement)

Schematic of Quality Energy's Sensor Layout

1. Machinery non-drive end, 2 axes of vibration and temp
2. Machinery drive end, 2 axes of vibration and temp
3. Motor drive end, 3 axes of vibration and temp
4. Motor speed
5. Motor stray flux
6. Motor non-drive, end 2 axes of vibration and temp
7. 3x motor current sensors, all 3 phases

Applications for Existing Clients:

Typical applications at these plants include bag house fans, mold water pumps, descale pumps, gearboxes, and compressors. By using Quality Energy’s Predictive Motor Maintenance, our clients have reaped substantial savings and benefits. Our systems have intercepted and prevented many potentially expensive machine failure and exposed huge energy saving opportunities. Quality Energy can do the same for you!

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