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Utility Billing

Rate Analysis & Tariff Negotiation

Regardless of regulatory status, Quality Energy can help you maximize value now and gain additional benefits as markets continue to evolve. Using our understanding of tariffs, rate structures, and energy systems, we can reduce the cost of service. Examples include:

- Identify where a more beneficial rate is available
- Negotiate more advantageous tariff arrangements for individual   properties and groups of properties
- Help you take advantage of economic development riders
- Recommend an adjustment in the way a client purchases,   receives or makes use of utility service, such as transformed   power.

Bill Verification

Given the complexity of energy billing in today’s market, it’s impossible to know from your bill alone whether the information provided is accurate.

A Quality Energy Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) system can help ensure your bills are correct as well as provide predicted usage costs for budgeting.

You can create bills from interval meter data to verify utility bills. The superior “interval-based” Rate Engine produces shadow bills that can include real-time rates and feeds, all required billing metrics (time-of-use, demand ratchets, power factor penalties, fuel surcharges, water, gas, taxes, and more), and rate structures automatically updated via the web.

You can determine energy costs per time period, such as production or occupancy times, and apply charges retroactively through the month to coincide with metering intervals.

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Rate Analysis

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