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Customers who take advantage of outsourcing can better focus on the opportunities at hand in their own industries and areas of expertise-which is the only way companies can succeed and flourish. Outsourcing allows companies to manage their overhead by shifting volatile energy costs to a predictable level, or in other cases, by locking in their own energy consumption to a level they can live with. Outsourcing the operation, maintenance, capital improvement, and overall efficiency of energy infrastructure frees staff resources to help them gain market share. The focus on increasing shareholder value by helping organizations enhance productivity while refocusing on revenue generation creates a winning solution that places efficiently managed hotels, universities, hospitals, sports centers, and large industrial companies back in control of the daunting energy equation. By utilizing one contract, companies' energy needs are under professional management with a single performance-based guarantee.

By leveraging best-in-class knowledge and experience, and often investing in their business, Quality Energy will aid customers in re-evaluating capital expenditures, help them transfer risk, and identify operational efficiency opportunities.

Custom Approach

The way energy management outsourcers are compensated depends on the nature of the project. They may receive a consulting fee or payment on an ongoing basis for continuing service or equipment use. Return on investment for clients may be immediate for projects involving lighting retrofit or other efficiency measures; payback is, of course, slower on large-scale remodels and construction projects.

Quality Energy always takes a flexible, custom-tailored approach when working with customers. Whether focusing on an entire facility or a specific end use, such as a central plant, a seasoned team will provide the expertise to design, build, finance, own, operate, or maintain facilities. Quality Energy can reduce commodity price risks, but can also reduce operational risks, and services can be integrated throughout the customer's value chain and linked to their end-use product.

Supply Side

Our customers can be helped to acquire energy supplies under terms that reduce volatility, assure reliability, and protect their bottom line.

Demand Side

Our customers take advantage of recent breakthroughs in energy and information technology that afford opportunities for far more efficiency in energy usage, improving load shape, and reducing consumption.

Risk Management Side

There are important risk elements that are removed from a customer's responsibility such as the potentially damaging failure of the energy infrastructure through fault or lack of maintenance.

As your partner, Quality Energy will also look for value added savings in areas that may be peripherally tied to a facility's energy systems. Business processes and equipment, power quality, and connection to utility grids are all places where efficiencies and cost-savings can be identified and ultimately implemented.

The bewildering array of variables should not discourage, but should provide incentive for facility executives to look for added energy-efficiency options. If cost savings via reduced consumption or lower commodity deals can be explained and guaranteed, then our Customer will have a new energy partner.

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